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Crookshanks and Valentine's Day [13 Feb 2004|10:48am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Dobby found Crookshanks for me!! He brought him to Gryffindor Tower this morning. Apparently Crookshanks found his way into the kitchen for a late night snack and after he was satisfied, proceeded to fall asleep. What a typical boy.

In honour of tomorrow being Valentine's Day, I thought I would tell everyone about the history of the holiday.

Valentine's Day was previously called Lupercalia and was celebrated in ancient Rome on the fifteenth of February. On this day, men would draw women's names from a box and each couple would be paired until the next year's celebration.

Saint Valentine was a priest in Rome in the third century. The Emperor at the time, Claudius II, came to the conclusion that single men were better soldiers than men with wives and children and subsequently outlawed marriages. Valentine defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages in secret. When Claudius discovered this, he had Valentine executed on the fourteenth of February. Valentine was named a saint after his death. In his honour, priests changed the date of Lupercalia to the fourteenth of February and renamed the holiday St. Valentine's Day. Valentine is now one of the most popular saints throughout England and France.

Hope everyone has a nice time tomorrow.
- Hermione

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FirstowlohgoshI'msospecial!! [13 Feb 2004|09:28am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Owl To EVERYONE!!Collapse )

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::Hogsmeade, anyone?:: [10 Feb 2004|07:06pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Last weekend's Hogsmeade trip was nice. I bought a variety of things at Honeydukes. Let's see...I purchased...sugar-spun quills, Drooble's Best Blowing gum, shimmering pink squares of coconut ice and chocolate! It seems like a small amount but it was really a lot. Lavender got more, lol. You can't help but be hungry in between breakfast, lunch and dinner times you know...

I hate being 6th year. Why couldn't we be in our 3rd year again? That year was fun. Minus the dementors and bad Quidditch games, but it was a fun year for me. My reason whyCollapse ) The teachers had put more pressure on us than last year since we came back from Christmas Holidays. It's unbearable! Bullocks, that's what it is. I know we are preparing for N.E.W.T.S, but honestly, we can't go over a new lesson everyday and have more than 3 foot long assignments for each class!

Okay okay, I admit, I'm overexaggerating just a bit. I'm still upset. Hogwarts shouldn't be work work work, you know? Let's have a little bit of fun. Another long break. My grades are average, some above, so to the professors--GIVE US A REWARD. Please

*sigh* In other news. This coming Saturday is Valentine's Day, and I know many students will be going to Hogsmeade on dates. Lavender already has one, and I don't want to be wandering the halls alone. Anyone want to come to Hogsmeade with me? Hermione suggested Dean or Anthony, but I haven't gotten a hold on either. I don't even want to get a hold of Dean, he isn't my type really.

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[09 Feb 2004|09:54pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

[[OOC: Just to clear up a few things]]

Alright, Delina here. I need to clear up a few things, because a few of you have been misled.

There's been a draco_dormeins around some of our community members' journals. Though his particular Draco may have friended you, and has done an awfully good job of being Draco- he is not part of our Mandrake community. They were never accepted, though they did submit an application.

The candidate who holds the position of Draco Malfoy in our Mandrake group, is in fact, deviousmalfoy. You should know that the process of selection is based on the skill of the candidate and the extent to which they interpret the information that JK Rowling gives us in the Harry Potter series.

You are free to keep draco_dormeins on your friends list if you like, but keep in mind that deviousmalfoy is the actual Draco Malfoy in our collection of student journals:) Please add him to your friends list:)



Crabbe and Goyle are evidently far more intelligent than they look, or maybe it was one of those instances we'll never hear of again. Malfoy has been questioning our absence from the Slytherin Common Room, so he sent Crabbe and Goyle, who rose magnificently to the occassion.

Pansy and I were caught unawares on the Wizarding World Web when Draco slipped in- I find it amazing that Crabbe and Goyle were able to relocate us at all! Draco's mildly impressed by our online shenanigans, and so he too, has decided to create a journal. Such trend setters, us Slytherin girls.

Oh- well, go add him or something.

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slow day [08 Feb 2004|06:31pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hello everyone, My name is Lavender Brown. I am glad that I have been excepted to this community. My best Friend is Pavati Patil and I am in Gryffondor House. I fo get along with some slytherins just not most.

Today was kind of and average day. I think I fell asleep in History of Magic, I never could consintrate on history. I am looking forward to our Divination lesson tomorrow. I heard Ron got into A fight with Malfoy. Malfoy is a stupid git to be saying things about Hermione.

Today was slow besides that. I heard that Proffessor flitwick is back. I am not sure how I heard about that. I know its true because Luna told me. But I did think it was a rumor. this school will never cease to amaze me.



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[04 Feb 2004|11:24pm]

[ mood | relieved ]


Professor Flitwick re-appeared! This means no more detention!!

He showed up in Charms Club, and I immediately went up to him, and said, "Sir, I'm terribly, horribly, humongously sorry about disappearing you like that, and I promise (I don't 'swear') on a hippogriff's soul, that I shall never, ever do that again!"

However, the Professor just blinked and looked at me like I was mad. Why? I apologized, did I not?

Memory loss, perhaps? I suppose I might have to do a bit of reading on that...

Does anyone know how he came back? It's a rather interesting topic to discuss, is it not?


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[04 Feb 2004|05:12pm]

[ mood | blank ]

It's been a while, terribly sorry.

Professor Sprout kept the Slytherins in late last night- we were collecting Mooncalf dung, you know, it's an excellent fertilizer. Millicent wasn't pleased at all, she's been sour about that cat of hers ever since Mikayla went missing. Pansy was alright though- she loves her Herbology and Magical Creatures classes- you'd think she hadn't been brought up in the magical world after all, if you saw her sneak fond glances at her Bubotubers the way I have.

And McGonagall simply won't rest until all of the class are able to transfigure their puffskeins into balloons. Longbottom is holding everyone up, and you know, he almost managed to transfigure it perfectly the other day, until Millicent shot a needle at his Puffskein-balloon and popped it. It wasn't fully transfigured though, so there was a splatter of red and the room has been smelling like raspberries ever since.

I'm amazed how innerpansy and _bulstrode_ are able to finish all their homework in time for their journal posts. I know I'm a slow reader, but lately, Millicent stops at every fifth word or so to rant about Mikayla, then Pansy explodes once she has enough of Millicent's moaning and groaning, and that's when I go downstairs into the common room for something and when I go back up again, the dormitory's a wreck and well...how do they still manage all their online (I've discovered that's what you call it) socialising?

I'm sorry to rant. I really have nothing to say right now- I've wasted a good deal of my time calming Pansy and Millicent down, and then the Weasley popped his little red head in.

If you want to talk to me any time, this afternoon, I'll be at my Runes ring- we usually meet in that clearing near the lake. Or maybe I'll pop by Charms Club as well-and if not, pass a message to Lovegood, she may be mad in some ways, but she's a dear of a messenger:)


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