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::Hogsmeade, anyone?::

Last weekend's Hogsmeade trip was nice. I bought a variety of things at Honeydukes. Let's see...I purchased...sugar-spun quills, Drooble's Best Blowing gum, shimmering pink squares of coconut ice and chocolate! It seems like a small amount but it was really a lot. Lavender got more, lol. You can't help but be hungry in between breakfast, lunch and dinner times you know...

I hate being 6th year. Why couldn't we be in our 3rd year again? That year was fun. Minus the dementors and bad Quidditch games, but it was a fun year for me. Especially since I was learning Divination; do you know how exciting that class is? To become a seer would be a dream come true to me. I was about to kill Umbitchbridge when she fired Professor Trelawney for whatever misdeed she did not do. Firenze, that centaur, is a good teacher too, however. He obviously knows much more than Trelawney, so I'm happy. The teachers had put more pressure on us than last year since we came back from Christmas Holidays. It's unbearable! Bullocks, that's what it is. I know we are preparing for N.E.W.T.S, but honestly, we can't go over a new lesson everyday and have more than 3 foot long assignments for each class!

Okay okay, I admit, I'm overexaggerating just a bit. I'm still upset. Hogwarts shouldn't be work work work, you know? Let's have a little bit of fun. Another long break. My grades are average, some above, so to the professors--GIVE US A REWARD. Please

*sigh* In other news. This coming Saturday is Valentine's Day, and I know many students will be going to Hogsmeade on dates. Lavender already has one, and I don't want to be wandering the halls alone. Anyone want to come to Hogsmeade with me? Hermione suggested Dean or Anthony, but I haven't gotten a hold on either. I don't even want to get a hold of Dean, he isn't my type really.
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