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Mandrake RPG

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Mandrake is a directory of Harry Potter student journals. This RPG takes place after The Order of the Phoenix- in Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Application Form to be sent here

Containing your :

Email Address-
AIM/Yahoo/MSN account (please specify)-
Your desired character-
A brief background of your character-
An LJ sample entry(in character, it doesn't have to be long!)-

If you are accepted, you will be contacted via the details you provided, within a period of 48 hours:)


  • Anyone who wishes to be part of this community must have adequate knowledge of the Harry Potter series, by JK Rowling. This means they should have read at least one of the books and/or have seen the movies, so as to have a substantial grasp of the character they intend to roleplay.
  • It is recommended you have a chat client (AIM/YAhoo/MSN) for further roleplaying in and also preferably is you have a livejournal dedicated to the RPG:) The name of the livejournal should also identify the character, whether it be through use of first/surnames (eg, Blaise Zabini is zabini_bl) or another method of identification.
  • Please, no original characters, as there are plenty of minor characters in the series who may not even have a known background- ideal for you to build on.
  • You are welcome to play multiple characters, as long as you have enough time to handle all of them.
  • However often you post does matter. It is essential that you post at least twice(in your character journal)in the first week, and then, at least once every two weeks thereafter. Failure to do this will result in the removal of your journal from the community- we don't want empty journals lying around!

  • Please, stay true to the characteristics of the person you are playing. Don't change them around so radically say- house swapping, just so they can 'date' previously "out-of-league" characters, or just to build on their own image. We do not want to see any 'hott' Crabbes, with masses of girls clinging to his arms, giggling as he quotes from Hogwarts: A History.
  • If there is any need to speak 'out of character', you should do so in brackets, and on the next line down to avoid confusion.
  • Anything sexual needs to be behind an LJ-cut tag, or you will receive a strike. Mandrake_RPG goes by the "Three strikes, and you're out" policy.
  • In addition, all owls, and 'large' images (wider than 400 pixels and/or larger than 50KB in size)should be behind LJ-cuts, as well as extensive roleplaying(20+ lines). Notices, made by teachers, may be posted, regardless of length.
  • Out of character chatter can be made at our OOC community mandragora_ooc

Currently, we have a:

Brown, Lavender - lavender_brown_
Bulstrode, Millicent - _bulstrode_
Granger, Hermione - simplyhermione
Lovegood, Luna - luna_me
Malfoy, Draco - deviousmalfoy
Parkinson, Pansy - innerpansy
Patil, Pavarti - xoxopavarti
Weasley, Ron - __ronweasley
Weasley, Ginny - askginny
Zabini, Blaise(f)- zabini_bl

To find out which characters we need, click here :)

Applications for canon characters not on that list will also be accepted:)

Please note just if we do not think you are in character, one of the Mods will most likely work with you in improving your character! (We're not saying that we're "oh-so-good" at everyone...we'll try, though!)

Also please note!! DO NOT make a LJ name without us accepting your application first!